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Pretreatment Notification

Merit Medical

20201216 Notice of Draft CIU Permit – Merit Medical Systems

Draft 20201215 Fact Sheet – Merit Medical Systems-b

Draft 20201215 Wastewater Discharge Permit – Y-027C Merit Medical Systems


Notice of Intent to Update Impact Fee Facilities Plan (IFFP) and Impact Fee Analysis (IFA):

South Valley Sewer District (the “District”), located in Salt Lake County, Utah serving development within the District’s current boundaries, intends to contract to amend its impact fee facilities plan (IFFP) and impact fee analysis (IFA) related to sanitary sewer services. Notice is hereby given pursuant to the requirements of Utah Code Ann. 11-36a-501 and 503. The Service Area for this analysis is Service Area one. Service Area One is further described as that area generally encompassing the Territory of the District excepting that area located within Utah County. (A map of Service Area One can be found here).  You are hereby invited to provide information for the District to consider in the process of preparing, adopting and implementing or amending the referenced documents.

2020 Consolidated Fee Schedule


Public Notice for Janitorial Services

Procurement Documents for Janitorial and Cleaning Services


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