General Account Information

To apply for sanitary sewer services, please call the South Valley Sewer District office at (801)571-1166 or visit us at
1253 W. Jordan Basin Lane Bluffdale, UT 84065.

Sanitary Sewer Billings

An invoice will be mailed out the first of each month for services for the prior month.  Payment is due by the 25th of the month.

Delinquent Accounts

Any account more than two months delinquent will be assessed a 2% penalty and may be certified with the County Treasurer for collection with your property taxes.  Any amount certified becomes a lien on your property.  No advance notice will be provided prior to certification, other than your monthly billing statements stating the past due amount. The County Treasurer will add additional interest and penalties and the charges will continue to accumulate until the account is paid in full.  Delinquent accounts that cannot be certified will be turned over to a collection agency for handling.

Late Fee

Past due balances are charged a 1.5% late fee on the unpaid balance.

Return Check Fee

A $20.00 fee will be assessed on all return checks, plus any additional fee as allowed by law.

Change of Address

The property owner (legal owner) is responsible to pay for all fees and charges as indicated on the billing statement.  It is the property owners’ responsibility to notify the District of any change in ownership within 15 days after moving or selling.  If a request for a refund of a credit balance is not made within 60 days after moving or selling, the District will retain the credit balance to compensate the District for administrative costs incurred to investigate the status of the property.