Questions About Your Bill

If you have your current bill in front of you, it’s easy to match up the information on your bill with the outlined bill.

  1. Detachable Bill Payment Stub: The part of the bill below the perforation contains information vital to the District when we process your payment. If you pay your bill by mail, this portion is detached and returned with your check.
  2. Mailing Information: The location where the bill is currently mailed to.
  3. Account Information: The Account Number, Customer Name and Service Address and the Bill Date are all listed in this section. The Account Number is a number that the District uses to track this account.  The Service Address may be different than the billing address as this is the address where sewer service is being used and billed.  The Bill Date is the date range of sewer service that is being billed. It’s important that this information is accurate. If there are any changes, you should call the Sewer District at (801) 571-1166.
  4. Total Amount Due: This section contains the Total Amount Due and a detailed breakdown of how that figure was arrived at.
    • First is the current charges for sewer service used during the Bill Date.
    • Second is any Additional Service Charges.
    • Third is where any Miscellaneous Fees are listed. Call the Sewer District if you have any questions about miscellaneous fees.
    • Fourth is shown any Previous Balance that was due to the District on the last billing cycle.
    • Fifth is shown any Payments that were received for the last billing cycle.
    • Sixth is any Late Fee that was assessed from the last billing cycle.
    • Last is the Total Amount Due.
  5. Messages from the District: Important messages from the District will appear in this area.

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Rate Changes

Rates are established based upon a financial assessment of the District.  They can only be changed with approval of the District’s Board of Trustees.

Other Questions

1. What should I do if I think my bill is wrong?

If you believe your billing statement is in error, please call, write or fill out our “Contact Us” form in order for the proper research to be conducted and your issue addressed.

2. How do I obtain a final sewer bill?

If you are discontinuing service to your property or are moving, please call the District office with your last day of service and information regarding the new owner (if known).