Cannon Ridge Sewer Improvements


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Project Background

13400 South Linda Marie Lane is in a low lying area.  Accordingly, the District has never had sewer service to this quadrant.  A few years ago, a new development provided the opportunity for the District to bring sewer service to this entire quadrant.  Furthermore, the District has discovered a sewer line that needs to be upsized and this project will relieve that bottleneck.

Project Scope

The project will install sewer from the West Outfall to 1300 West and then along the South Jordan Canal and to and along 13400 South.  It will also run sewer along Linda Marie Lane.

Contractor:     Newman Construction (801)254-3524  Mark Newman Project Manager


Project Timetable

Bid Date
Award Date
Construction Begin Date
Estimated Substantial Completion
Estimated Completion Date

January 16, 2014
January 22, 2014
February 2014
June 2014
July 2014

Project Status

The contractor has installed the sewer from the West Outfall to 1300 West, under the canal and is proceeding along the canal road.  He anticipates being to 13400 South by March 31st.