Collection System

South Valley Sewer District maintains a wastewater collection system which is a network of pipes, pumping stations, and other equipment. This system collects wastewater at its source such as homes or industry and conveys it to a facility for treatment and disposal. This protects the public’s health and prevents disease.

Whenever possible gravity is used to convey the wastewater to water reclamation facilities. Where pipeline excavation is not possible because of rock or there is not enough topographic relief (i.e., flat area) pumping stations are used.

Most of the collection system delivers wastewater to the District’s Jordan Basin Water Reclamation Facility located in Riverton. A small portion along the north end of the District’s boundary is delivered to the South Valley Water Reclamation Facility in West Jordan. There is a pumping station located in South Jordan that delivers wastewater southward to the facility.