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2. Sewer Impact Fees

Service Area No. 1

A. Residential

Single Family Detached $3,256.00
All Other Residential Units- Per Unit $2,245.00
Senior (Assisted) Living /
Care Facility – Per Bed

B. Nonresidential

Per 1,000 Square Feet of Floor Area
Auto Dealership $ 1,185.00
Auto Repair $ 545.00
Bank $ 319.00
Car Wash $23,758.00
Churches $ 172.00
Daycare / Pre-School $ 1,185.00
Fast Food $ 5,201.00
Grocery $ 1,016.00
Lodging $ 1,856.00
Medical Office $ 1,115.00
Office $ 746.00
Restaurant $ 8,294.00
Retail $ 721.00
Schools $ 556.00
Strip Malls $ 2,084.00
Warehouse $ 369.00

C. Other

Any non-residential use not falling in the above catergories, shall be calculated upon a per gallon basis and

billed at $13.68 / gallon / day; and will be subject to an impact fee agreement in a form acceptable to the


Service Area No. 3

A. Residential

Single Family Detached Units $1,785.55
All Other Residential Units- Per Unit $1,110.00

B. Nonresidential


All impact fees paid to the District apply only toward the residential or commercial / institutional building connected and its curtilage, not toward adjoining agricultural, undeveloped or vacant lands.